So. You've already mastered all the mind-games in the book, and you're looking for audible entertainment to help you cruise through your Sunday Funday long runs. Let me help.

Whether you're interested in true crime, business development, psychology, or hollywood, I've got a little bug for every runner's ear.

#1. How I Built This

Warning: How I Built This will inspire you to do crazy things, like launch your running blog. Hosted by Guy Raz, this podcast tells the stories of the category disruptors, entrepreneurs, and accidental billionaires who created today’s breakout brands like Spanx, Airbnb, and Instagram. The thing all these masterminds have in common? They neverminded naysayers, even when it meant sleeping under their desks at night with only a dream to keep them warm.

Average Episode Length: 45 Minutes

Notable Episodes: #2 Spanx: Sara Blakely, #4 Radio One: Cathy Hughs, #5 Clif Bar: Gary Erikson,#6 VICE: Suroosh Alvi,  #12 Southwest Airlines: Herb Keller, #15 Patagonia: Yvon Chouinard

#2. You Must Remember This

You Must Remember This, narrated by Karina Longworth, steps into the golden ages of cinema to give you the dish on old Hollywood, painting portraits of notorious stars like Jane Fonda, Wendy Davis, Humphrey Bogart, Jimmy Stewart, and even Charles Manson. Get the drama behind the drama, in a storytelling format that takes a surprisingly deep, sociological look at American history. Karina might just be a master of paradox by making an exclusively audible show about a visual art absolutely sing.

Average Episode Length: 1 Hour

Notable Episodes: #13 Bogey Before Bacall #14 Bacall After Bogey #28 Star Wars Episode II: Carole Lombard and Clark Gable, #44- 54 Charles Manson’s Hollywood, #92 Six Degrees of Joan Crawford

#3. Crimetown

Crimetown has the energy of a paperback thriller. You’ll forget the crooked politicians, bank robbers, kidnappers, wolf-tamers, extortionists, undercover agents, mob bosses and drug mules were real people playing a part in the deeply corrupt mob state that was Providence, Rhode Island in the 1980’s. The show is hosted by Zac Stuart-Pontier and Marc Smerling, seasoned professionals when it comes to interviewing people with blood on their hands— they also produced The Jinx: The Life and Death of Robert Durst, which I recommend you watch with your eyeballs on Hulu during Zero Week.

Average Episode Length: 30 Minutes

Notable Episodes: Listen in chronological order.

#4. Personality Hacker

You’ve probably heard the adage “running is therapy” and listening to Personality Hacker on low-key long runs is the perfect way to introspect with precision. Hosts Antonia Dodge and Joel Mark Witt tricked me into self-improvement after I naïvely assumed their podcast was merely about Myers Briggs Personality Types. That’s just one tool they discuss. If you’ve ever been frustrated with one-size-fits-all philosophies on how to live with purpose, Personality Hacker is a breath of fresh, self-actualized air.

Average Episode Length: 40 Minutes

Notable Episodes: #79 What We Resist Persists #143 How Personality Types Relate to Money, #167 Personality Type and Making Projects Happen, #176 Self Ownership and Personal Sovereignty,

#5. Criminal

Every episode of Criminal centers on a true-life crime, spanning centuries, continents, and varying levels of gruesomeness. The host, Phoebe Judge, narrates each story in a ghost-story-appropriate whisper, whether she’s reciting the legend of a beheaded woman haunting the Ohio river, or explaining the black market for venus flytraps. I recommend listening to Criminal anytime except while trail running solo at dusk.

Average Episode Length: 30 Minutes

Notable Episodes: #5 Dropping Like Flies, #15 He’s Neutral, #22 Ex Libris, #51 The Money Tree

#6. S-Town

If Serial was a pop song, S-Town is a symphony. On the surface, S-Town is the true-life story of a brilliant man fed up with his close-minded community in rural Alabama. But you will discover that every time S-Town seems like it’s going to play a predictable, satisfying chord, it strikes an unexpected note. The host, Brian Reed, expertly navigates the story away from investigative journalism towards a complex and emotional portrait of a man spiraling out.

Average Episode Length: 50 Minutes

Notable Episodes: Listen in chronological order.