Youch! It’s hot. Wringing-out-your-socks-hot. Running through summer is not for the weak. Add the risks of dehydration, chaffing, and sun damage, and it can feel like you’re playing with fire in more ways than one.

Here are some Texan-approved ways to survive summer running, including products I actually use. (No paid endorsements here!)

#1. Wear light, tight socks.

Loose cotton socks are the worst culprits for blisters because they soak up your sweat like a sponge and allow your foot to slide around inside your shoe. Always wash new athletic socks before taking them for a test-run to rinse any weird chemicals out of the fibers.

#2. Hide bottles of Powerade in the bushes.

Make yourself the Easter Bunny of hydration this summer. Cruise by your running path before long runs to drop off sports drinks. Pick shady areas out of sight from landscapers or your homeowners association. Sharpie a messages on the bottles, such as "BRB. Do not remove," or "Poison."

#3. Bring a handkerchief.

Sweat streaming into your eyes stings like the dickens. Additionally, if you don't slow your roll at the drink stations along your half marathon course, you might accidentally splash Gatorade directly into your eyeballs. Not that I've done that. If you have mermaid/merman locks, tie a handkerchief around your ponytail for easy access.

#4. Slick up with BodyGlide.

In the super gross words of Pitbull, you’ll want to be “slicker than an oil spill” to evade chaffing in the heat. Chaffing occurs when sensitive areas of your skin, such as your thighs, underarms, nips, or private parts, are rubbed raw from friction. Worse, your salty sweat can exacerbate these wounds, and you might bleed. Yeah, ow/ew.

I use the stick-style BodyGlide on my thighs and underarms. You could also use Vasoline, although it’s a bit thick for my taste.

#5. Take Chapstick.

In case the BodyGlide glides right off your body, you might opt to keep a tube of Chapstick on your race belt to use as a spot-treatment for chaffing on the go. Plus, Chapstick is a twofold lifesaver by protecting your lips from sunburn as well. Speaking of which...

#6. Lather up that sunscreen.

Take it from me, your token ginger friend: wear sunscreen. Melanoma is killer, literally. I sprits myself with spray-style sunscreen before leaving the house, but keep a squeeze-tube in my car. Why? Because aerosol cans are explosive, literally.

That's all, folks. Except.... do you need new podcasts this summer? I've got those, too.